Transport Insurance Terms & Conditions

"Transport Insurance" can be added to your booking and will provide Cover against loss or damage to goods in transit.

  1. The 'Transport Insurance' is not available for the following types of goods:

  2. All goods must be suitably packaged for transport; insufficient packaging will void a claim. * Please also see our "How do I Package or Describe my Goods" section for advice on how to package goods correctly and other goods we will not transport. If you are still uncertain, email us at Claims will only be paid if goods are packaged appropriately.
  3. Under-declaring the value of the goods: you must declare the full 'wholesale value' of the goods transported. If you declare a value that is less than the actual value of the goods and a claim is made by you, you will only receive an amount in proportion to the degree of under-insurance. For example: if the sum insured is only half the 'actual' value of the goods when a claim occurs, you would only receive approximately half the amount of the claim. Please note - you must be able to substantiate the value of the goods via an invoice or other documented proof of the value of the goods.
  4. A receiver signature on either a Proof of Delivery copy of the consignment-label, a sub-docket or an 'electronic signature' signifies the goods were delivered in full and not damaged in any way. If the goods are damaged the receiver must make a note stating this on the Proof of Delivery. If they have any doubts they MUST sign 'Pending Inspection' and cross out 'Accepting the goods in good order'. If a 'non-Receipted Delivery' service is chosen and goods are left at the delivery address by the delivery driver (due to a receiver being unavailable to sign for the goods), this will also deem the goods to be delivered in full and not damaged in any way.
  5. Making a claim:

    If damage or loss occurs, you will need to report the incident within 24 Hours of it occurring. All claim documentation needs to be submitted within 7 days of the reported Incident. If we do not receive the claim documentation within 7 days, the Transport Insurance claim will be void.

    The Company shall insure the goods for an amount not exceeding One Thousand Rand (R1000), where insurance is requested but no value declared for a premium.

    Where insurance is requested and the value declared exceeds One Thousand Rand (R1000) a premium representing a percentage of the declared value will be levied. In the event of a claim, a minimum excess of the declared value applies.

    In the event of a hi-jack or theft a minimum of fifteen (15) percent excess of the declared value will apply, the minimum excess applicable been Two Thousand Five Hundred Rand (R2500). In the event of loss due to non hi-jack or no theft a minimum of ten (10) percent excess of the declared value will apply, the minimum excess applicable been One Thousand (R1000). The Company is not obliged to insure goods exceeding Ten Thousand Rand (R10 000).

    To make a claim:

    Email with the subject line of the email as "Transport Insurance Claim: 52320" with the consignment number on the label sent at the time of booking. Include information on correspondence you have had with a Xpress Online Couriers representative.

    If the goods were damaged, you need to include a minimum of two digital photos of the damage to the goods. One photo needs to show the goods and the damage sustained. The second photo needs to show how the goods were packaged (box and packaging material).The package material must be retained for inspection. More than two photos is preferable.

    You also need to attach a scanned image of the invoice (or other documented proof) substantiating the wholesale value of the goods.

    Failure to provide this information will result in the Tranport Insurance claim becoming void.

    Once approved, claims will generally be paid within 90 days of lodgement.

    The "Transport Insurance" Conditions should be read in-conjunction with The Courier Guy standard Transport Terms & Conditions.